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Is it time for Seniors to move?

by Denise Townsend Group

Over 65% of Seniors (65+ years old) have been in there homes for more than 30 years.

Do you remember when you bought your home?  It was probably a lot of work from beginning to end.  I know because I have lived in 5 states and have moved so many times I can not remember how many homes I've lived in.  But did the fear and pressure of going through the process last long?  Most likely not.

A lot of seniors at some point in their lives find that it makes good sense to move from their family home.  However, most are reluctant to move due to fear of the unknown.


Reasons Seniors consider moving:

#1.  Home maintenance; either too much work or unable to do it themselves.

#2. Health issues; physical limitations, need medical help.

#3.  Downsizing; kids have moved out, home is too big.

      #4-6 were equally weighed.

#4. Loneliness; spouse is gone, no one to deal with emergencies, relatives live far away, loss of family

      and friends.

#5.  Transportation; unable to drive any more, shopping areas too far away.

#6.  Age; too old to enjoy the home.

#7.  Finances; already high taxes, affordability.


You may have had worries about the move, the new home, learning a new neighborhood or city and concerned about leaving friends and neighbors.  But when you finally moved the excitement kicked in.  You started coming up with new decorating ideas for your new home, you met new neighbors, made new friends and learned the layout of your new community.

Fear is a human instinct.  It kept our ancestors alive when predators showed up.  It keeps us alert, alive and on our toes.  Fear can be conquered.  And fear is usually short-lived.


Fears about deciding to move:

#1.  Change; strange surroundings, new neighborhood, leaving memories behind.

#2.  Downsizing; packing, moving, the time to do it, what to keep and what to get rid of.

#3.  Emotional; making the right choice, missing your home, new neighbors and surroundings.

       #4 & 5 were low concerns

#4.  Financial concerns; costs of new home or residence

#5.  Loss of independence; loosing control, who's making my choices, sharing living space.

There will be more about "Fears" in upcoming blogs.


There are numerous housing options, from a single-level home to a senior community to senior living options including independent, assisted and care facilities.   75% of seniors who have moved to senior housing are satisfied. 

So, what to do?  How to plan it out?  Who to talk to?

Families should first talk about it together.  Don't keep relatives in the dark to avoid conflicts.  Next, drop me an e-mail,

I have printed information and many contacts who specialize with seniors.   Plus, we are here to help you every step of the way.



Tom Townsend, Broker, SRES

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November 2014 - Home Sales Expected to Improve in 2015

by Denise Townsend Group

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