OK, that may not have been grammatically correct, but seriously, how is your house?  With the days getting longer and warmer, now is the time to see how your home fared through the winter.

Here's some things to look at and correct:

- Clean your roof of debris and moss. You'll be saving yourself costly repairs, and the life of your roof.  We suggest getting a professional to do it.  They can inspect it the same time as cleaning. And it keeps you safely on the ground.

- At the same time, have the gutters cleaned.

- Check your attic for leaks and mold.

-Check your crawl space for standing water.  If you find it, get it fixed.  Water will lead to mold in your attic.

-When you turn on your irrigation and outside faucets, check for freeze damage.  Water leaks can get expensive if you don't notice them.

- Prune, or have pruned, trees and shrubs away from eaves, gutters and siding.  Tree limbs should be a minimum of 3 feet from your home.  Limbs that rub cause damage and shading leads to moss, and in some cases, rot.

- Check your siding and decks for wear on the finish.  If it looks like you need paint or stain, start planning on repairing it.

- Check weather seals and caulking on windows and doors.  Repair them now, don't wait until Fall.  You may forget or run out of time.

- Fertilize your landscape and lawn and get rid of those weeds.

- Spring clean: windows, dryer ducts, furnace and filters, air ducts, the garage, remove clutter...

Owning a home is a lot of work, but it's an investment.  Taking care of it will pay off in the end.

If you need professional advice, we have a lot of great contractors to refer you to.


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