When it comes to summer, people think about vacations, no school and of course, swimming.  I grew up on a lake.  With the exception of a couple of Polar Bear events when I was older, summer was swimming time.  I was actually taught to swim when I was 6 months old!  Drive by any city pool and it's more crowded than a water park.  And water parks are as busy as city pools.  Lakes and rivers are full of skiers and boarders.  And it makes since that we like water.  We lived in water for nine months.  We are made up of 80% water.  We need water to survive.

Unfortunately, water claims too many lives due to accidental drowning and injury.

When swimming:

Take lessons, learn to swim.

If you are not a strong swimmer, use a Coast Guard approved life vest and floatation equipment.

Swim in designated areas.  These are generally safe and away from dangerous currents and rip-tides.

Don't swim in frigid waters.  Cold rivers with spring run-off are particularly dangerous.

Always swim with others.  Use the "buddy" system, even at places with life guards.

Never leave children unattended in or by water.

Take breaks.  Don't swim for long periods of time.  Before you get tired get to dry land.

Before jumping in, stretch.  Loosen up your muscles to avoid cramps.

Use waterproof sunscreen so you don't get burned.

Stay hydrated.  Swimming is exercise and it's usually warm out.


Around your home pool:

Install barriers like fences and gates to eliminate access.  This prevents curiosity and unwanted access.  In some cases, pool covers and alarms are designed and available to prevent access.

Remove ladders to above ground pools.

Remove pool toys so young children are not attracted to them when the pool is not in use.

Have safety equipment near by to rescue someone.

Learn CPR.


On the water:

Always use Coast Guard approved life vests and floatation devices when boating, paddling or float tubing.

Always be alert for other water users.  Make sure you are seen.

Know the rules of boater safety.


NEVER jump in to rescue someone unless you are trained to do so.  Reach a distressed person with a pool pole, throw line or toss them a floatation device.  Don't become a victim.

And NEVER mix alcohol with water activities.  Alcohol impairs your judgment and ability to do things correctly.


Stay safe and enjoy your summer fun!


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